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Identify the economic trends that will shape your business strategy moving forwards. Understand how your credit portfolio compares to your peers and how it is likely to be impacted by changes in lending policy, market competition and the economy in the future.

Our experts in economicscredit risk, market analysis and portfolio benchmarking combine to provide an in-depth understanding of economic data and the market and economic context in which you manage your business – now and in the future.


Economic Forecasts

Gain exceptional economic insight with a range of reports, analyses and databases across a wide range of geographies, markets and sectors.


Credit Risk Forecasting

Bringing together the disciplines of credit risk and economics to meet an ever increasing commercial and regulatory requirement to combine lending policy and economic forecasts into a forward looking modelling approach.


Economics Consultancy

Tailored economic insight to help you understand how your business would be impacted by specific economic scenarios or understand how geography, industrial sectors and demographics impact your organisations economic growth or the household finances of your customer.

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