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Smart, visual and consistent international location insight

Make impactful and informed decisions in international markets with data for location, market and consumer insights. To find the right locations to build international marketing strategies, you need to base your plans on solid research foundations, including global socio-demographic data.

Experian WorldView gives you consistent and visual representations of key socio-demographic attributes across the globe, including remote locations. With this crucial insight, you can easily:

- Benchmark performance across all locations

- Analyse catchments at the most granular level

- Understand your customers consistently and visualise data

- Optimise product distribution

- Identify new business opportunities worldwide and new territories to expand your business proposition

- Better understand your customers with greater insights

- Build the right strategies for sustainability as well as growth

- Develop effective marketing strategies

- Identify areas where there is untapped demand

How it works

Using enriched 250m x 250m grids covering the globe, WorldView provides immediate access to accurate information to help you make effective global location planning and consumer insight decisions.

Population data for over 190 countries covering 7.6 billion people

Household, age, gender and disposable income for 90 countries and 6.2 billion people (81% of the world population)

WorldView segments for 48 countries and 4.6 billion people (60% of the world population)

Over 29 million points of interest across 149 countries

Finding your place in the world: top tips when planning your international marketing strategies

Ipad showing the "Finding Your Place in the World Top Tips Guide" Whitepaper

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