Telcos Sector

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Employees in the Telecoms and IT sector are renowned for their wide range of skills and expertise.  Experian provides a range of high quality background checks for Telco employee screening to help you build a better and stronger organisation.  Telcos employees can often be working on critical systems on projects of varying scales, so it is vital to reduce the hazard of recruiting potentially risky candidates that can jeopardise your valuable business agreements.

Why check?

Screening candidates will save you time and money, by helping to ensure you hire the right person, first time. Most importantly, screening can protect your business from insider fraud and the reputational damage that this could cause. These checks can even be extended to your existing employees.

Relevant Checks

Experian offer a range of background checks that can be used to screen staff being hired for a variety of roles within the Telecoms and IT industry. Be safe in the knowledge that you are recruiting the candidate you think you are recruiting. Experian can offer the following checks for screening Telcos employees:

Identity Check

Professional Membership

Criminal Record Checks

Education Checks