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Experian operates the Motor Insurance Database, a UK motor insurance industry initiative to combat uninsured driving, on behalf of the Motor Insurers Bureau. The Motor Insurance Database holds details on all UK insured drivers, covering over 25 million motor insurance policies, 30 million private vehicles and 4 million commercial vehicles.

How can we help you?

The Motor Insurance Database is a tool for the Police and insurance companies to identify who the insurance company of a particular vehicle is. The database is central to the fight against uninsured driving and receives over 75,000 enquiries a day from the police.

The general public can also make enquiries of the Motor Insurance Database by going to this site:

A few key facts

  • The Police have free, unlimited access to search.
  • Provide instant confirmation of motor insurance.
  • Improves insurance claims processes and enables insurers to identify third party insurers.
  • Over 80 motor insurers contribute policy information.

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