Share of Wallet

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What if you could predict which businesses require your product, and how much they would spend?

Find the best customers, and how much they would spend with you using Share of Wallet.

Share of Wallet helps you to understand:

  • Propensity to require the product
  • Client spend at a product level
  • Estimate spend

Analyse your customer base to create a typical view of the types of businesses that display a requirements for a specific product, and the volume they typically purchase.

Step 1

We’ll model product needs and spend using our extensive data assets and knowledge and match these against your prospect and customer lists.

Step 2

Once we know the products your customers require, and how much they would spend, we’ll match the results against your actual customer spend to work out the current share of wallet, and the remaining spend opportunity for each customer. By joining sites together into companies, and then companies into groups, we can carry out total share of wallet analysis at a corporate group level.