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Tailor your marketing communications with ConsumerView

Experian provides a consistent view of the UK adult population linked to a broad range of demographic, socio-economic and behavioural characteristics. Our insight variables allow you to tailor your marketing communications and improve customer experience. The data is actionable and directly linked to a large database of compliant direct marketing data (email and direct mail).

Experian’s ConsumerView database, of more than 51 million individuals, provides a single, definitive and consistent view of the UK adult population and helps you to, segment and enrich your view of UK consumers, to make your marketing more relevant and effective.

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How can ConsumerView help you?

Use ConsumerView to build accurate, up-to-date and targeted lists for your direct marketing activity. If you already have a customer database, you can also use ConsumerView to fill the gaps in your existing data and gain additional insight into your existing customers.

Whether you are looking at existing customers or targeting new consumers, ConsumerView provides you with the insight and intelligence you need to deliver and maintain profitable customer relationships.

The Benefits

- Understand consumer behaviour to generate insight into your existing customers

- Target the most likely new prospects for your campaigns

- Target the right offer to the right person

- Deliver the right message at the right time with ConsumerView trigger data

- Develop retention and up/cross sell opportunities

- Maximise the effectiveness of and return from your marketing campaigns

Improve your understanding of customers and prospects

Enrich your database of transactional data with information on consumer demographics, consumption patterns and attitudes. Anticipate and predict your customer and prospect behaviours.


Access to circa 51 million individual UK consumers living at residential addresses, with circa 26 million consumers available for postal prospecting purposes.

Trusted Data

The file is compiled from a range of compliantly sourced data for the purposes of marketing, which include Edited Electoral Roll, updates from the monthly rolling register and data from 3rd party partners.

Combine Experian's multi-channel databases,
ConsumerView and ChannelView

Draw a link between data collected online and Experian’s offline lifestyle and demographic information. Source prospect lists for targeted marketing and communications across traditional and digital media. Gain a more useful and powerful view of your customers and prospects through cross media linkage.

Data Accuracy
and Recency

Our Consumer marketing databases are rebuilt monthly to maximize data quality and accurately reflect consumer preferences. All name and addresses available for postal marketing have been collected within the last 24 months, but proven to have been resident at that address within the last 12 months and are verified as being over 18. All consented email addresses available for hosted prospecting have either been collected or shown engagement within the last 12 months.

Data Range

ConsumerView can be used to provide a prospect list relevant to any industry and help to enrich your customer information for insight.

Demographics: individual, household, and property information that can be used to build a picture of the likely characteristics of your existing and prospective customers, to aid more relevant marketing activities.

Segmentations: an award-winning set of classifications, unique to Experian, classifications that paint a rich picture of consumers in terms of their socio demographics and the neighbourhoods in which they live. These include our portfolio of Mosaic classifications and Financial Strategy Segments.

Propensities: a wide range of propensities that provide insight into product consumption and service preferences.

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ConsumerView Property Triggers

Moving home can cause significant changes in consumer behaviour and lead to a need for new products and services. Experian provides you with these actionable insights, enabling you to be front of mind during these purchasing decisions.

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