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Contact data validation

Validate postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers in real-time, or clean your existing records in bulk. 

Data cleansing

Maximise your data quality by cleansing, enriching and suppressing your records to comply with data regulations. 

Customer data management

Profile, cleanse, de-duplicate, enrich and transform your customer data today.  

Single customer view

Build a consistent and accurate view of your data across multiple sources using Experian's data quality platform.  

2021 Global Data Management Research Report

Consumer behaviour has changed radically because of the pandemic. Explore our 2021 Global research report, and learn how you can solve your data challenges.

How your organisation can benefit

Better understand your customers

Append additional business, consumer or location data to your customer records for greater customer insight. 

Solve complex business challenges

Rely on industry leading data quality solutions, underpinned by the best-in-class datasets to power your business decisions

De-risk your data projects

Tackle your most pressing data challenges armed with industry-leading solutions, data and expertise from Experian

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