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Experian Retail Background Checks provide an invaluable candidate screening solution for businesses on the high street and beyond. Our streamlined services help to reduce losses, protect margins and reduce the risk of employee fraud.

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Fraud and theft costs UK companies an estimated £2bn a year¹, and is a growing concern with cases of internal fraud increasing by 18 per cent in 2013². This type of employee fraud can cause significant damage to your business’s reputation, and you may never regain the trust of your customers. Experian Retail Background Checks not only help to protect you against such activity, they also act as a safeguard that you performed appropriate due diligence whilst recruiting.

The cost of running a check is insignificant compared to the potentially devastating impact of employee fraud. Yet still some retailers are reluctant to extensively screen candidates, as the process can be time consuming and frustrating. Outsourcing to an expert third party can be an efficient, cost-effective and time-saving solution for retailers.

Experian handle every aspect of your Retail Background Checks, leaving your staff free to focus on other tasks. We can also advise you on the sort of checks necessary for your business. It is becoming standard practice for retailers to carry out Identity Checks and three year reference checks, but we would also advise you to consider a Credit Check and a Basic Criminal Record Disclosure.

Source: ¹ Expert Investigations, 20.03.14, ² CIFAS, Employee Fraudscape Report, April 2014