Data enrichment

Get a complete view of your customers and add value to your data

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Enhance and enrich your consumer, business, and government data with additional information including demographics, location, lifestyle, and segmentation.

Experian’s enrichment solution first verifies the customer data you are collecting, such as name, phone number, address and email. After verification, a record can be enriched with missing or incomplete information. Over 900 additional data attributes can then be appended to complete the picture you have of locations, households and individuals.

  • Real-time customer insight for more effective decision making
  • Access to the most comprehensive marketing database available
  • Wide breadth of consumer attributes
  • Flexible implementation options
  • Experian’s secure data and privacy standards
  • Support from Experian’s data consultants

Business & Government data

Append business or government data to the information you collect to increase its value to your business.

Location data

Verify the UK address data you collect against leading address files, such as PAF® and AddressBase®, or validate international addresses.

Suppression data

Every day in the UK people die, people move house and people register with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS). Keep your customer data up to date.

Benefits of data enrichment

Achieve greater customer insight

Uncover individualised customer information by augmenting a contact record with missing or unknown data points.

Increase business efficiency

Leverage Experian’s expertise in real-time modelling to create increased conversion and engagement.

Improve customer experience

Understand and accurately target your customer segments to provide custom offers, personalised messaging and tailored experiences.

Experian Datasets Brochure

Datasets Catalogue

Explore our portfolio of data that can be used to enrich or suppress your customer data. 

 Universal Customer View

Universal Customer View

Explore how enrichment can help create an accurate and holistic view for your customers.

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