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Create the online experience your customer wants

In a modern omni-channel environment customers expect products and services to be available across all online channels 24/7. Being able to provide an excellent customer experience across all channels is not an option any more - it's a baseline requirement.

Experian offers a range of capabilities which combine to create a seamless customer experience. It enables a customer to confirm their identity, submit documents and interact with you, all online and safely.

Payments checking with Bank Wizard Absolute

Check if a bank account belongs to your customer

What it does: Checks bank account number and sort code are valid and verifies that your customer owns the account

Used for: Preventing fraudulent payments and transactions

Document checking with AutoDoc-ID

Quick and easy identity document verification

What it does: Validate customers identity documents simply using a photo of that document

Used for: Organisations wanting to automate identity document submission

Device Intelligence

Recognise and identify the customer and their device

What it does: Assesses trustworthiness and past behaviours of device and determines whether they match what it is telling you

Used for: Online applications, and account self-servicing