Reference Checks

We’ll be thorough with our reference checks. For when you need a little extra reassurance

What are reference checks?

They are generally used to confirm a candidate’s employment history and education, but they can also fill in the gaps on their CV. You can get a feel of a candidate’s strengths, weaknesses and abilities using factual evidence, something that is crucial in many industries when deciding on the perfect employee.

The types of checks we can do

There are many benefits to using our reference checks, depending on your business’ needs. Our Education Checks can verify a candidate has attended their stated educational establishments, confirms their dates of attendance, the courses or classes they studied, and even the grades obtained, making it useful for industries where qualifications like maths or science are compulsory.

Employment checks run through a background history of the candidate’s previous jobs and roles, and lists the dates they held those jobs for, while any gaps in unemployment or even self-employment, will be highlighted using our Occupational History Reference.

The Experian Professional Technical Membership Check can help to verify claims of any memberships of technical or professional bodies on an application that are potentially required for the role in hand.

Finally, our Personal Reference checks contact individuals who can vouch for a potential candidate. Both through professional and personal terms, you can work out their reliability and strength of character via personal references.