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Data-driven local government solutions to improve local services and deliver high-impact change.

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How we can help you transform with innovative, agile data solutions

We provide data and insights to the majority of local authorities across the UK, supporting policy and operational decisions, and helping them to embrace the many opportunities that digital transformation can bring.

Improve council data quality

Accurate, high-quality data is an essential part of digital transformation within local government. Having access to up-to-date, consolidated databases will enable you to streamline operations, optimise processes, cut costs, and deliver a better level of service to your community.

Local government workers discussing their data challenges

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Understand the local community

For any local government department, understanding their community and their needs is crucial for the successful delivery of all operations. Once you understand your community, you can better direct funds and resources to where they are needed most. Using intelligent data, you can develop an in-depth understanding of the complex needs of your community and residents, and how they prefer to interact with their local government organisations.

Local councillor meeting people in his community

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Reliably detect fraud

As the impact of public sector cuts continues to be felt, local governments are under increasing pressure to deliver efficiencies without negatively affecting the frontline. Public sector fraud, including fraud in local government, costs the taxpayer around £20 billion every year. Through the intelligent use of data, you can improve verification procedures and prevent fraudulent activity before it even starts.

Colleagues in a local government office addressing potential fraud

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Streamline council debt collection

It’s estimated that £16.1 billion is owed to the public sector, accounting for 42% of all consumer debt. With the right insights and intelligent debt recovery tools, you can collect your local council debts more efficiently, generating significant extra revenue while treating debtors fairly and avoiding causing hardship in already difficult financial conditions.

Local government worker instigating debt recovery

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