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Emergency services operate in some of the most challenging and extreme environments to serve and protect our communities.

We work with emergency services, including the police , fire, and ambulance to help them use digital transformation to deliver the right services and engagement, to the right citizens at the right time, for a more effective and efficient service.

Central government data management

Maintaining accurate data is a key concern for central government. In fact, the Digital and Data Roadmap for 2022-2025, set a target of ensuring 50% of high-priority data quality issues are resolved as part of a cross-government framework. Achieving this will be no easy feat. But, in the digital age, it is essential. Tools such as our Data Quality service supports central government in finding the right solution, combining purpose-built data management software and reference data.

Government official analysing data

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Understand your citizens

Central government has a responsibility to deliver services that work for their citizens, in an efficient and effective way. To achieve this, you need to understand your citizens, their behaviours, and their needs. And it doesn’t stop there. Once you have an accurate view of your citizens and their behaviours, you need the right tools to make sense of the data.

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Stop fraud in its tracks

Fraud costs the public purse billions of pounds every year – money that could be spent on vital services, particularly in times of increasing cuts. With better data and more effective verification processes, you can reduce the impact of fraud on government budgets, optimise revenue, and reduce collection losses.

Government colleagues discussing background checks

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Optimise government debt recovery

Governmental departments have a responsibility to collect outstanding public debts, but they must do this in a way that is fair to debtors and avoids causing financial hardship for citizens, particularly in the current economic climate. Having the right insights can help you to collect debt effectively while treating debtors fairly.

Government official compiling debt recovery report

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