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Discover how data can help transform your business practices to deliver the best possible outcomes for both you and your energy customers.

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How Experian can help your business

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Data has the power to transform your business, helping you make better decisions, improve relationships with your energy customers, and reduce overheads. Read on to see how Experian can help you tap into shared data sources to deepen your customer knowledge, plus make it more accessible across your entire organisation.

The power of shared data

Customer relationships are crucial. The more you know about your consumers, the better able you are to serve their needs. How can you meet your ability to pay obligations and understand  customers who may be struggling with bills unless you have a lens on all of their other credit commitments? If you’re willing to share your data with a reputable credit reference agency like Experian, you’ll gain access to data from other sources to add to your own.

Identify and fill gaps

The key benefit of sharing data is that you can use those new sources to improve the quality of the data you own. This can be achieved with a full data audit using a service such as that provided by Experian’s data quality solutions. This combs through your data to fill in missing information, correct errors and provide updates where necessary, ensuring you have a full – and accurate – picture of your electric and gas customers.

Create a single view of each customer

Once your data has been audited, how do you bring it together into a single, holistic view that can be accessed across your entire organisation? The answer lies with a solution like Experian’s Single Customer View. The benefits of a SCV are many, not least when it comes to assessing a customer’s current financial situation with regards to recovering unpaid debts.

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