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Ofwat’s recently introduced C-MeX measure makes it more vital than ever to deliver excellent customer service. Your customer records are the key to achieving this, and step one involves performing a full audit to identify – and resolve – problems such as entry errors, outdated information, or missing data. Find out how Experian’s solutions can help to lift your C-MeX score.

The benefits of sharing data

A good data audit will tap into other data sources, not only to validate existing information but to enrich it with additional insights too. This is best achieved by entering into a data-exchange programme such as that offered by Experian. Its data-exchange programmes cover a wide range of sources to ensure your audit is as accurate and complete as possible.

Validate and improve your data

Validation is key for a successful data audit, comparing your customer contact details against reputable databases to identify gaps, outdated information and errors. Experian’s Aperture Data Studio is one option, which can also check records against suppressions and movers databases. In addition to enriching data with additional contact information, Aperture Data Studio can group customers into precise segments to help generate additional insights.

Get a single, holistic view of your entire customer base

Ongoing monitoring of your customers’ financial standing is one key benefit of pairing your customer data with that of a credit bureau. Once this is done, the audit process can also be used to link customer records across multiple databases to enable you to generate a Single Customer View (SCV) which provides your organisation with a single, consistent record of each customer applicable to all departments.

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