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Discover how to manage the financial relationship with your commercial clients more effectively to reduce risk and boost profits.

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How Experian can help your business

Experian has the tools, services and know-how to help improve your commercial relationships – click the headings below to find out what we can do for your organisation.

Customer data is the key to understanding your commercial clients’ financial position. Discover how Experian can help you audit your existing records to ensure they’re correct, compliant and up to date, then add extra insights from shared data sources.

Profile your data

Step one to improving data quality is to identify any issues in your existing records. Look for a solution capable of spotting everything from errors and outdated information to gaps that require filling. Experian’s Aperture Data Studio provides a simple-to-use, automated tool which will draw your attention to critical problems.

Join a data-sharing programme

By exchanging data with others, you’ll open up a unique opportunity to discover fresh insights about your customers. Experian offers two data-sharing programmes: CAIS collects and distributes credit data across 13.3 million commercial accounts, while Payment Performance (PP) identifies what debts are held by commercial customers, helping you gauge an appropriate level of risk for each customer.

Fill in the gaps

Once you’ve identified the gaps in your data, you’ll want to fill them with reliable, up-to-date information. Again, shared data holds the key. Experian’s rich data assets can help fill those gaps, whether it’s adding in missing contact details or providing additional insights into commercial clients.

Build a single customer view

Bringing new records into your existing databases requires you to be confident you’re linking the right records to the correct customer. An automated tool like Experian’s ExPin matches customers to 2 billion records to help confirm that you’re working with the correct data. It can also help you consolidate customer records from multiple databases, bringing them into a single central holistic view using a tool like Experian's Aperture Data Studio.


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