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As a single decision analytics provider, Experian integrates data, scoring, consulting and processes to deliver a complete answer to the business challenge.

Scoring and Analytics

With more than 30 years experience of using analytics and scoring technology to help our clients extract value from data and make better decisions, we combine innovative thinking with existing methodologies to ensure our analytical techniques continue to evolve.

Basel Services

Experian works closely with existing banking partners and with a broad cross-section of financial institutions and national regulators to enable clients to meet the requirements of the international regulatory framework for banks, known as the Basel accords.

Customer Acquisition for Small and Medium Enterprises

Lenders in the SME market face unique challenges, often needing to make lending decisions with limited financial and market information.

To combat this Experian enables SME lenders to automate the application process and rapidly implement effective credit risk management.

Customer Acquisition for Unsecured Lending

Experian’s proposition for origination in unsecured lending brings together robust application processing, data connectivity, decisioning technology and predictive analytics with expert consulting to ensure that customers individual to receive a smooth application experience.

Customer Management for Retail Banking

Experian’s proposition for customer management in retail banking brings together automated customer-level management, data, predictive analytics and expert consulting to enable banks to connect with customers as individuals rather than as a collection of accounts.

Debt Management for Retail Banking

Experian’s proposition automates and streamlines the collections process to collect more debt from more customers.

For retail banking this can be deployed across every product a customer holds, including credit cards, mortgages, and loans, enabling dynamic, tailored collections strategies for each customer.

Application Fraud Prevention for Financial Services

The financial services industry, with its dynamic and competitive environment, will always attract fraudsters.

Funds can be obtained quickly as organisations are under pressure to quickly process data.

The first and best strategy is prevention, identifying fraud at the application stage.

Debt Management for Telecommunications

Experian's debt management for telecommunications places intelligent customer segmentation at the heart of the processes and activities to drive dynamic, tailored collections strategies for each delinquent customer. This allows flexibility for both automatic and manual provisioning.

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