Automotive Finance

Bank, captive lender, independent specialist lender or broker, at Experian we can help you to move forward with any secured lending against a vehicle asset. Ensuring that your business and business relationships remain profitable is paramount. With our extensive range of secure automotive databases and software, we can assist you with information on fleet management, from asset identification and registration to credit risk policy and market insight.

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  • Vehicle Provenance
  • Asset Management

    Asset Event Manager is a centralised piece of software that helps you with the monitoring and management of fleet in real-time and puts you in control. Built specifically for the motor finance and banking sector, you can gain access to detailed reports and instant notifications relating to vehicle fraud.

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    With AutoCheck, you can retrieve accurate vehicle history information fast. You can find out whether a vehicle has outstanding finance as well as whether a vehicle has been registered as stolen or written off. All through our secure online systems.

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  • Vehicle ID and Valuation
  • Vehicle Stock Monitor

    Our vehicle stock monitor is an online tracking system that allows you to batch check fleet details and help you with the management of your database, keeping it as up to date and as accurate as possible.

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    Vehicle Look-Up

    Using a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or a Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM), we can ‘look up’ a vehicle and provide you with back key fields such as make, model, date of registration and specific industry codes.

    Using Glass’s and CAP, we can return codes and valuations for even more insight into a vehicle and its values.

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  • Data Quality
  • Data Cleansing

    Out with the old and in with the new, our data cleansing database can keep your automotive records up to date, further solidifying relationships with your customers and helping you with better fleet management.

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  • Keeper and Mileage Checking
  • DVLA Keeper Enquiries

    Subject to approval from the DVLA, we can manage and process your vehicle keeper data requests via the DVLA Keeper at Date of Event (KADOE).

    Note: This service is not available to members of the public and is subject to strict terms and conditions of use.

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    Vehicle Owner Tracking

    Show your customers how well you know them and target them with the right messages. How? With vehicle owner tracking. Using customer data, we can identify which vehicles are no longer owned, as well as first registration dates.

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  • Market Analysis and Insight
  • Vehicle Statistics and Demographics

    Gain a better insight with Experian. Using our databases, we can help you to plan national and local demand for automotive goods and services. Know which parts to stock where, what services and repair facilities to offer, where to target potential customers and where to locate new and used car dealerships.

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  • Protecting Employees and Customers
  • Employee Screening

    Feel reassured that your business is maintaining its good reputation that it prides itself on with Employee Screening. Available for a variety of different sectors and job types and recommended for use during recruitment processes, you can protect your business from any fraud risk and protect your customers at the same time.

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  • Credit Risk Management
  • Business Information

    We can help you to gain a better understanding of your customers and suppliers so that you can ensure that your business continues to flourish in terms of profitability and in terms of business relationships. How? Using our secure databases, we can run fast and accurate company credit checks.

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