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Discover how data can help drive all aspects of your car retailing business, from locating dealerships to discovering the best communications channels for consumers.

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How Experian can help your business

Decisions derived from data are usually more accurate, fairer and result in better outcomes – for both you and your customers. Discover how Experian’s rich data sets and tools can link in with your own records to transform all aspects of your business.

If you’re looking to expand your dealerships, location is key – and with accurate data-driven insights you’ll be able to pick the perfect site for your new premises.

Analyse local markets

Identifying potential demand is the first step to finding a new business location. Valuable insights can be found within Experian’s portfolio of local area demographics and consumer behaviour datasets – use a tool like Location Analyst to identify the potential of local markets and gain a visual overview through high-quality maps, graphs and reports.

Compare and rank areas

A good benchmarking tool, such as that offered by Location Analyst, can help you rank the size and value of local markets in relation to each other. You can even use the location of your current dealerships – along with those of your competitors – to help determine an outlet’s potential for sales.

Gain a detailed customer understanding

If you know your customers’ behaviour and needs, you can factor that into your location planning. Tools like Location Analyst give you access to demographic, lifestyle and behavioural data that can be used to identify where new customers may be found, helping steer you towards the best locations.


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