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Discover how Experian, as one of the only credit bureaus to provide insight on both UK consumers and vehicles, powers the automotive market with next-level tools and data.

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Customers are naturally keen to know what finance they may be eligible for when shopping for a new or used vehicle. Thanks to Experian’s range of affordability checks, you can make prequalified offers quickly, without subjecting customers to a full credit check.

Determine affordability

In the absence of a full credit check, how can you hope to understand a customer’s financial status? Look for solutions that take the data provided by your customer and compare them against a wide-ranging set of shared data – including Open Banking data – to obtain a fuller picture on which to base prequalified offers.

Reduce friction

The affordability checks you perform can’t be made at the expense of your customer experience. They need to be fast and seamless. Automated checks, like those offered by Experian, can be deployed around the clock, and aid in making informed decisions in seconds.

Make compelling offers

Once a customer’s financial eligibility has been determined, you’ll want to make attractive, but realistic, offers. Experian’s Eligibility Checks help tailor your finance offers to your customers using real rates from an extensive lender panel, all without impacting the customer’s credit score.

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