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Transform business and financial data into opportunity

How do you stay a step ahead of your competitors? We know it’s a major challenge. You need to understand the business world globally and the state of play in your industry, and not to mention keep track of the international economy. That’s where we can support you. Our market-leading business, financial and risk databases give you a clear and complete view of a market, company or individual, so you can make confident decisions, seize opportunities and minimise risks.

Understand what your competitors are doing wherever they are in the world, spot market trends and learn where you need to improve your game. Learn about a business and the people who run it. For over 30 years we’ve assembled a range of accurate and reliable data sources that help organisations understand the companies and people they do business with. That’s why you can trust us to help you keep ahead of the game.

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How Business Intelligence and Benchmarking can benefit your business

Access a wide range of high quality corporate, financial and risk data on a single platform. This will help you predict problems more accurately, target marketing campaigns more effectively and identify opportunities to grow your business.

  • Gain deeper understanding: Make smarter business decisions using a unique range of data
  • Protect your business: Understand and forecast problems before they damage your business
  • Create opportunities: Spot ways to win new customers and grow your business


Monitor your customers’ financial wellbeing


Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors


Anticipate problems before they damage your business

Maximise opportunities

Spot trends and new ways to grow your business

Reduce risk

Understand a business and its key decision makers

Be responsible

Manage credit limits in the best interests of your customers

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Key features of our business intelligence and benchmarking solutions

Whether it’s protection against financial losses, financial crime or regulatory breaches we can you help you spot opportunities as a way to shield your business from a wide range of risks.

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Enhance your business prospects

Boost your records with an array of information about UK businesses and their key decision makers. Create tailor-made lists of potential new customers.

  • Enrich your own data with details from more than 5 million companies
  • Create leads from 3.8 million sites 
  • Verify email, landline and mobile telephone numbers
  • Refine lists from hundreds of variables across different categories
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Seize opportunities as they arise

Stay ahead of your competitors in mergers and acquisitions with the most comprehensive range of corporate, deal, company, financial and business information on a single platform.

  • Monitor your competitors and learn about their latest activities
  • Understand the risks and benefits of acquiring new businesses 
  • Prevent and detect fraud more effectively
  • Compare business valuations
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Gain a deeper understanding of the risks to your business

Spot changes in the way your business customers use credit to better understand the chance they will pay you back. Make fair and consistent credit decisions and minimise the risk of losses.

  • Set credit limits at fair and responsible levels
  • Maximise returns by marketing to ‘good’ customers 
  • Predict arrears, defaults and business failures in the next 12 months
  • Make the best credit decisions at the point of application

Learn how our business intelligence and benchmarking solutions can benefit your business


Business intelligence is the valuable information an organisation can generate by collecting, analysing and processing data using a range of software and tools. 

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