Goad Terms & Conditions

Agreement for the Provision OF Experian Servives on a Trial Basis

This Agreement shall comprise the following and shall be interpreted in the following order of precedence:

  • The Special Terms and Conditions below; and
  • Experian MIS’s Terms and Conditions and Goad Services Special Terms and Conditions. These terms are available on our website (or such other URL as we inform you of from time to time) (“the Terms and Conditions")

Special Terms and Conditions

1. The Services are provided to the Client for the purposes of a trial. Experian shall therefore not (save as required by law and notwithstanding any contrary provision of these Terms and Conditions) have any liability to the Client arising out of the provision of the Services during the Trial Period.

2. If the Client wishes to use the Services after the end of the Trial Period on a full-use basis, this will require that the parties enter into a separate agreement to cover such use.

3. The use of the Services by the Client during the Trial Period shall be subject to such additional terms (as required by Experian's suppliers and/or any relevant legal or regulatory provision) as may be notified by Experian to the Client from time to time.

4. Termination of this Agreement (or any element of it) shall not affect any rights, obligations or liabilities of either party which may have accrued before termination or which are intended to continue to have effect beyond termination. The Client’s entitlement to use the Licensed Materials and Services shall cease on termination or expiry of this Agreement and upon termination or expiry of this Agreement, the Client shall promptly return, destroy or delete any Experian Materials or documentation received from Experian and certify that it has complied with this Clause upon request from Experian.

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