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One of the biggest challenges for property professionals is getting hold of comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date information on the retail make-up surrounding any commercial property. 

Goad has a range of products and services that provide the data and analysis you need for effective decision making, including:

Retail address data

Goad's Retail Address Database produces the full list of retail addresses and relevant occupancy status details of all commercial properties located on a Goad plan.

Retail address data for the town centres that interest you is available in two ways: through a desktop product called Goad Locator, giving easy access to the British Retail Outlet Database, one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date sources of information about retail property in the UK, or as individual data records in Excel spreadsheet format.

It is used extensively by agents, developers, investors and retailers for applications such as competitor analysis, site assessment, planning procedures and modelling.

Retail park data

Goad retail park data consists of up to 11,000 records on 1,200 locations, typically retail parks, solus or clustered warehousing, leisure units and other significant retail clusters. Data includes occupier, activity, full postal address and estimated building footprint floor space.


Experian's Shop*Point data gives a unique insight into the distribution of retail activity in the UK and Ireland. Shop*Point covers 778,000 retail locations, along with motor, leisure and vacant outlet records. With over 450,000 site-surveyed Goad records plus 300,000 records from data sources such as Thompson Directories and UK Companies House, it is one of the most comprehensive sources of retail information on who is located where.

Shop*Point helps you to:

Understand the retailer make-up of an area for development and investment purposes.

Graphically illustrate the distribution of retailer types through bespoke maps.

Understand the potential of a sales territory and identify competitor locations.

It provides a comprehensive range of attributes for each location, including:

  • fascia name, address and postcode
  • retail use class and Goad category
  • brand name and floor-space figures
  • over 9,500 petrol forecourt and convenience store locations
  • separately defined shops in pedestrianised areas.

Shop*Point is currently available on a quarterly basis, with data supplied in Excel or MDB format.

Bespoke datasets can be provided based on your own requirements, for example, by geography or fascia.

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