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How to reduce risk and spot opportunities

Once upon a time, deciding whether to lend to a business or individual meant looking into their past. Did they repay previous loans in full and on time? How much money did they have coming in recently? But things have changed. To reduce risk and win new business, you need to understand the chances of a customer repaying you now as well as in the future. This can be a challenge in times of economic uncertainty.

It’s not a matter of gazing into a crystal ball but using the best data in the right way to make forecasts based on facts. Our market leading credit risk management solutions help you do this, so you can assess and monitor risk to protect your business in time and seize new opportunities.

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How credit risk management can benefit your business

It’s vital to understand the ongoing creditworthiness of the people and companies you do business with. From trailblazing credit scoring to data sets from around the world, we can help you assess and monitor their financial position quickly and completely.

  • Spot risks: Predict individuals, companies and parts of your business that pose the most risk
  • Grow your business: Discover new opportunities without increasing risk
  • Make confident decisions: Match the right customers with the right products

Reduce losses

Lower the risk of customers defaulting on loans


Learn about your customers from every angle

Up to date

Use real time data to inform your decisions

Turbulent times

Use economic data to get a clearer picture


Predict risk more accurately

Market leading

Access unique tools and services

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Key features of our credit risk management solutions

Our wide range of data sets, market leading tools and advanced technology help you stay a step ahead of risk.

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Assess creditworthiness quickly and simply

Choose from a wide range of reports to understand the risk of doing business with UK companies and consumers.

  • High quality credit scores you can trust
  • Choose, view and analyse data fast 
  • Clear and simple dashboard
  • Convenient summary sections
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Understand your customers from every angle

Market leading suite of data and tools gives a complete picture of your customers. Predict future risks with greater accuracy.

  • Data on 49 million individuals across 500 variables
  • Uniquely combines business/director/owner information with payment and credit history 
  • View up to 72 months on key data
  • Reduce data sourcing time by up to 50%
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Maximise opportunity, minimise risk

Reap the benefits of lending responsibly to small businesses, which make up 99% of all businesses in the UK. Access credit, bank transaction and management account data through a single portal.

  • Access to the UK’s largest pool of commercial credit data
  • View SME management accounts from the UK’s 15 largest sources 
  • Access to 3 years of business current account data
  • Quickly understand business affordability and reduce risk
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Predict more accurately

Include economic forecasts in your lending plans to more accurately predict risks. Meet increasingly demanding commercial and regulatory requirements.

  • Gauge the likely impact of rising interest rates on customers’ ability to repay debt
  • Forecast the effect of economic changes on your credit portfolio 
  • Understand where risks and opportunities lie
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Trade globally with confidence

Seize international business opportunities with confidence using reliable credit information from more than 225 countries, dependencies and territories. Comprehensive reports, profiles and data to help you win new business.

  • Up to date reports on companies from around the world
  • Link details for companies in different countries 
  • Access data from local credit agencies, government bodies, suppliers and more
  • Swift delivery of reports
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Speedy risk assessments

Use a powerful range of credit scores to quickly assess the financial health of existing customers, decide whether new applicants can afford to pay you back and limit risk.

  • Predict business failures and insolvencies within the next 12 months
  • Spot the riskiest customers 
  • Anticipate arrears and defaults within the next 12 months
  • Easy to use, with tutorials, setup guides and around the clock technical support
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Navigate a turbulent economy

Learn how data can help you make confident lending decisions when the economy is constantly changing. Understand how to reduce risk by keeping track of customers’ changing financial pressures.

  • Build a risk assessment plan for an unpredictable economy
  • Use up to the minute trends to make smarter business decisions 
  • Understand how much risk your business is exposed to
  • Spot risky behaviour before it damages your business

Learn more about our credit risk management and how it can benefit your business


Credit risk refers to the chance of a borrower failing to pay off debt in the agreed time, or at all. In other words, it means the risk of a borrower defaulting. There are many different types of credit risk, but key ones include: default risk (the chance of a borrower being unable to repay the full amount); concentration risk (the risk of default within a group of borrowers, for example, those in a particular industry).

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