Get your customers on-board faster and be confident in meeting your compliance needs

Looking to protect your customers and operate responsibly with confidence in the identity of every individual? Our identity solutions create a trusted relationship, allowing you to operate responsibly and minimise the disruption to your customers.


Verify customer identity with Prove-ID

Serve and protect customers

Easy to use, checks UK and International electronic identity verification in seconds


Document verification with AutoDoc-ID

Verify identity documents online

Verify passports, ID cards and driving licences electronically from a simple photo


Integrate identity verification with Authenticate

Seamless identity authentication

Identity authentication system integrated with your existing application processes

What does the Future of Identity look like?

The way we verify identity has evolved: it was passports and paper, then electronic data. Now, as technology accelerates, it's going digital. What's coming next will make online life simpler and more efficient for everyone. Download our interactive eBook now to learn more about the Future of Identity.

Download the Future of Identity eBook.

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Introducing CrossCore

First, smart plug-and-play platform for fraud and identity services

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Make accurate payments

Confirm bank account ownership

Link your customers with their bank account process payments correctly


Prevent invoicing fraud

Verify commercial account ownership

Ensure the account you are paying is the correct registered business


Intelligent Identity Questioning

Simplify your customer journey

Confirm customer identity with specific questions only the individual will know

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