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Welcome to Decision Analytics - Credit Risk and Fraud management Consulting Services and Products

With over 30 years of delivering solutions for credit risk and fraud management to organisation, Experian is well positioned to enable you to manage and automate huge volumes of day-to-day decisions.

Our products and services enable you to formulate real-time, optimised decisions based on strong analytics and to deploy them rapidly within dynamic environments, maximising the value of every customer interaction.

In the UK, many of the products and analytics are developed closely with our Credit Services division and delivered through the Credit Bureau infrastructure.

The New Consumer Credit Economy

An in-depth look at how consumer attitudes and behaviours have changed as a result of the pandemic and what to expect in 2021.

How we can help:

SME Lending

Managing an SME lending portfolio can be a challenge. Experian can help you develop lending strategies that maximise the return you can get from the SME segment. 

Acquiring the right customers whilst reducing both risk and costs

Target new customers effectively, ensuring you're attracting credit worthy businesses and consumers and minimising the risk of application fraud.

Maximise your existing relationships with your customers

It's not enough to just acquire new customers. Make sure you're offering the right products to your existing client base and increase wallet share.

Automate and streamline your debt collections process

Our solutions help to minimise bad debt and increase recovery rates, protecting your business by maintaining revenue and enhancing profitability.

Tailored Products & Services

With a wealth of expertise and versatile product and services, we can offer specific solutions to individual businesses and industries.

Global Services

Through our operations in more than 60 countries, we're able to mobilise solutions that can meet your needs on both a national and international scale.

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