What is Customer Data Integration?

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Customer Data Integration (CDI) is the process of consolidating and then properly managing information about your customers from all available business sources, including all known:

  • Contact details
  • Financial data associated to that client
  • Information gathered through marketing activities.

Why is Customer Data Integration important?

Customer Data Integration is a key part of Customer Relationship Management. If conducted properly, CDI ensures that all departments in the company have constant access to the most current and complete view of customer information.

This access and singular, complete view of your customers across the organisation helps to drive:

  • Improved customer retention by creating a personalised customer service with customer facing employees having a detailed view of all their interactions with the organisation.
  • A more tailored journey for marketing and sales communications – increasing the chance of them converting.

How is Customer Data Integration related to data quality?

Once your organisation has access to the customer data, it is vital that the data is accurate. In addition to this, for each employee to see a complete view of the relevant customer, there needs to be no duplicates with multiple variations of the truth.

How can you ensure your Customer Data Integration is effective?

Building a business case for data quality

Find out how you can create a data quality culture in your business in order to keep the quality of your customer data of the highest value.