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Experian Match is a privacy-centric, collaborative identity solution that allows publishers, advertisers, and agencies to understand, engage and reach audiences at scale across digital media.

Experian Match has been built to answer the following industry challenges:

 - The deprecation of the third party cookie. Already ineffective in 50% of all traffic, the hole left by third party cookies creates a big and growing problem for the industry as Advertisers struggle to engage audiences effectively at scale across inventory.

 - An over dependency on logged in user data to fill the cookie void. The lack of scalable identity solutions exists today due to the fact that authenticated (logged-in) traffic is still limited amongst publishers beyond Walled Gardens.

 - The need to raise the bar over data privacy and control. The challenge presented by the regulator to the ad tech industry over the use and flow of consumer data is significant. A new approach is needed which facilitates effective advertising whilst minimising the movement and accessibility of data.

Our Solution: secure and trusted data collaboration with Experian Match

Experian Match is a privacy-centric solution that provides greater protection and control to consumers. Leveraging InfoSum's decentralised technology, Experian Match enables the secure linkage of first party IDs and allows rich consumer insights to be overlaid onto previously unknown audiences without the need for third-party cookies or end user registration data. This is how it works:

Secure ID Ingestion

After inserting relevant privacy wording, Publishers and Advertisers send Experian logs of IDs and IPs.

Processing and Keying

Experian conducts a process of 'cohorting',  grouping IDs together, applying a random Match key and where possible associating household data attributes. 

Decentralised data hosting

Within the InfoSum platform, the Match table is securely hosted and can be queried by participating parties (without data ever being moved or exposed – noting parties can only query their own first party IDs).

Insight and Activation

Audiences can then be analysed, profiled, and activated in campaigns via connected publishers and supply side platforms.

What the industry is saying about Experian Match

Online Publishers face increased difficulty in monetising their inventory due to the challenges involved in scaling their registered user bases and due to the removal of third party cookie browser support by both Apple and now Google. This combined with the expansive logged in user bases of the 'walled gardens' creates a major challenge for publishers in terms of building and marketing competitive advertising propositions.Experian Match helps Online Publishers:

  • Boost CPM’s on unknown audiences

      Enrich with Experian or first party data to prospect across connected media with no reliance on party cookies.

  • Enable a direct to advertiser onboarding solution

       Help advertisers engage with their customers across your inventory.

  • Compliantly access Match via InfoSum

       There is no need to ingest, store or manage data in your system.

  • Simple integration

       Easy to deploy tags with no reliance on third party cookies.

Due to increasingly limited audience addressability in display advertising, advertisers know little about their unknown website visitors and are unable to identify and engage with prospect audiences. This will get worse with the end of third-party cookies. Experian Match helps advertisers: 

  • Understand and address unknown audiences

Enrich with Experian or first party data to prospect across connected media with no reliance on third party cookies.

  • Find existing customers without sharing CRM data

Increase match rate into publishers that have limited or no registration data.

  • Match via InfoSum without ever exposing your data

Data remains under your control and never leaves your bunker.

  • No impact on the customer journey

Due to low data requirements during page load, there is no disruption to the user experience.

Agencies are facing increasing pressure to transparently deliver on specific audiences, however the ability to do so has been impacted by GDPR and consent frameworks.

The demand still exists from their brands, as ROI expectations increase, along with the marketplace complexity, so being able to support brands to deliver in a scalable way, across an increasing number of channels, has never been more pertinent.

Essentially, brands are looking for specific, scalable audiences across all channels in a process that is close to the one they have followed over the past years.  

Experian Match delivers this for agencies, keeping the process consistent and even expanding on previous capabilities, giving agencies greater control and influence over clients’ planning and strategy, while minimising legal risk and data privacy issues. 

Consumers need to be able to trust Publishers and Advertisers with their data. Experian Match is a privacy first solution that avoids unnecessary transfers of data between different parties; Consumer data sits within secure bunkers on the InfoSum platform and is never moved or shared.

Experian Match helps relevant advertising to be shown online whilst respecting the choice and personal data of the consumer.

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