Customer acquisition

Target the right consumers and businesses for your products and credit services

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Identify creditworthy businesses and new consumers most likely to respond to new offers

Using Experian's immense databases, target-marketing platforms and market intelligence, you can make customer acquisition more cost-effective and less risky. Optimise your efforts by targeting only viable customers likely to convert to your brand.

Marketing Optimisation

Optimising individual customer decisions for pricing, marketing, credit/risk and collections.

Marketswitch maximises the performance of customer interactions by identifying the best action for each individual.

It enables a company to achieve its financial goals while simultaneously considering its management policies, operational constraints, and regulatory requirements.

Strategy Management

Using sophisticated scoring and segmentation techniques, the system provides the ability to accurately assess and make a decision on an applicant, identifying optimal customers and offering them a tailored package to suit their needs and the business objectives.

New Business SM allows each applicant to be treated as an individual and enables fast, accurate decisions.

Application Processing

This scalable and robust technology receives, validates and processes applications from multiple channels and enriches application data from relevant internal and external data sources.

It automates the application of complex business strategies and rules to consistently make appropriate lending decisions across the organisation.

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