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Discover new insights, refine staff and student onboarding, deliver your HESA return and avoid unnecessary risks by transforming your approach to higher education data management and governance.

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Universities, schools, colleges and vocational academies all face the same challenges: data is hard to reach and difficult to manage. HESA rules for data returns are complex. Partnerships and staff members carry inherent risk. Managing and enrolling students puts heavy demand on resources. But the right tools can help.


Of students expect a fully digital onboarding experience.


Of manual processing is reduced by Experian’s CrossCore API.


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How can Experian help?

Click below to find out how Experian can enable you to deliver an optimal onboarding procedure, overhaul your data management, discover new insights, and reduce financial and staffing risks.

Creating an excellent campus environment starts with superior staff. Read on to find out how, with the right tools and insights, you’ll be able to bring new candidates on board fast, store their data safely, and ensure you’re making a safe decision to protect your institution’s reputation.

Weed out fraudulent applications

Picking candidates that match your establishment’s ideals and goals is one thing, but it’s not enough to take candidates on face value. Services like Experian’s qualification checks can help ensure you’re bringing in experts, not exaggerators.

Make appropriate checks

Bringing new staff into an environment filled with vulnerable people means stringent background checks are an absolute necessity. Robust screening tools like Experian’s Candidate Verifier and Right-to-work app help make performing checks quicker and easier. They also bring accurate identity verification right into your onboarding and HR processes.

Improve employee onboarding

Onboarding can involve dealing with a number of complex, time-consuming systems, but it really shouldn’t. Managing your full onboarding journey in one place helps simplify and speed up the process – and ensures nothing slips through the cracks.

Sanitise HR data

Maintaining an up-to-date staff database helps ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR, gives you the security of knowing which staff members have relevant training and accreditations, and ensures that ongoing DBS and right-to-work checking is straightforward. It can also help HR and payroll stay properly aligned.

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