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Develop customer management strategies that increase revenue opportunities

Automate and streamline your debt collections process to collect more debt from more customers. Our debt collection and recovery management solutions help organisations to minimise bad debt and rehabilitate customers rapidly, to reduce attrition and maintain revenue streams for the future profitability and asset management of the organisation.

PowerCurve Collections

A completely integrated collections solution that brings together customer insight, and analytics to automate decisioning.

Working together to allow you to deliver personalised fair treatment actions for individuals. Whilst reducing costs and maximising recoveries.

Portfolio Management Package

Portfolio Management Package is a service managed by Experian, it offers the answer to every organisation that needs to make collections more strategic today.

It combines Experian’s data, software and analytics with embedded collections expertise and tailored strategies to assess risk and collectability.


Understand your customer’s income and expenditure to automate payment arrangements.

Gain a detailed picture of a consumer’s affordability position through key insights from Open Banking, Experian’s credit bureau and the consumer, captured through easy to use digital tools. 

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