What is an Anti-Impersonation Check?

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Anti-Impersonation Checks protect individuals from identity fraud, a rising concern considering recent high profile data breaches.

Why are Anti-Impersonation Checks important?

Without Anti-Impersonation Checks an individual is more susceptible to fraud. The biggest risks an individual can face are:

  1. Long lasting effects on personal finances
  2. Difficulties to obtain loans and credit cards in the future

Fraudsters are being more sophisticated, so banks and financial institutions especially are looking to establish 4 tokens in their ID and verification service; verify the person exists in the real world, meet the minimum KYC requirements specified within the JMLSG guidelines, provide an AML check, and satisfy an anti-impersonation check.

How can we help you with Anti-Impersonation Checks?

Experian's Authentication solutions

Experian's Authentication solutions can provide powerful anti-impersonation checks to stop fraudsters and to support straight-through customer processing.