International Identity Verification

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International Identity Verification 

Thin-file or international status can often be a stumbling block in accessing services in the UK. Experian’s International Identity Verification tool provides access to a powerful pool of global data sources, increasing acceptance at the point of origination allowing you to provide your customers with a uniformly frictionless journey at the same time as strengthening your anti-fraud measures and meeting both KYC and AML compliance regulation.

Who’s it for

Organizations that want to verify thin file or new to country customers.

Key Features

  • Allows you to quickly verify and onboard more customers from all over the globe
  • Reduce referrals and drop out rates
  • Helps you to stay in control of risk and comply with AML legislation

How it works

International Identity Verification leverages multiple live data sources from over 50 countries across 6 continents. This data is used to validate name, address, date of birth, National ID and contact information. To allow individuals to access your services quickly with little disruption to the onboarding journey. 

10 million international citizens live and work in the UK

Single access point to 50+ Data Partners and 200+ Data Sources across countries all over the world

35% drop out rate for online applications because of a bad online journey